Youtube Investigates

Next time you need something investigated, who are you going to call? Youtube, apparently. had a story from Australia Broadcasting Company ( that said the Center for Investigative Reporting in Berkeley, California is in talks with Youtube to create Youtube Investigates. Robert Rosenthal, the director for the CIR said that social media is being used more and more in the world of investigative reporting.

The article didn’t really delve into what I’m most interested in though. Just how do they plan on using Youtube? Do they plan on posting videos saying they need tips for whatever they’re investigating? Or will they be privy to background information about all Youtube posters and users? Or perhaps they will produce their investigative pieces directly onto Youtube? Whatever it is they want to do, went over my head.

The article does get into how this will be a cost-effective way to do investigative journalism. Newsrooms are small now. To save money they go to alternative means of news gathering, which in this case may now include Youtube. But, hey if Rebecca Black could use Youtube to turn into a singing sensation, maybe Youtube is just what  the journalism industry needs to bounce back.


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