All 360 degrees of Anderson Cooper

Okay, so Anderson Cooper having his own talk show may be older news by now, but I just couldn’t let this one go without defending him. We all know Mr. Cooper as the diligent journalist on CNN. His new daytime talk show is the complete opposite of that. The talk show is not journalism and I don’t think he claimed for it to be.  Even in his promos for the show, he has said that he wanted to do something different- the lighter side of things. Certainly, getting a spray tan with Snooki is on the lighter side. There is also something to be said for “celebrity journalists.” Certainly, he is one. I think maybe this show might be to widen his “brand.” I’m all for his new talk show. I don’t see it interfering with his CNN show. He’s even taping shows in bulk so that he can travel if he needs to. I should also say that I’m a huge fan of his and I don’t think he can do any wrong. Hey, if you really can’t stand what’s happening on his talk show, mute it and just stare at him.


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