AOL is Patching up its wallet

 America Online used to be the coolest thing. Well, at least for me. You got to make a super cool email address, and got to chat to your friends in this little square thing. Granted, this was about 10 years ago, but it held my interest. Today is different. Today you can use internet explorer for free and do the exact same thing, without having to create a new username each time.

As AOL s struggling, it’s looking to its family of hyper-local newspapers to make them some extra cash. An article in Business Insider says that AOL is asking their patch editors to increase Ad sales in addition to their duties as an editor.
Personally, I feel that the news industry is too much of a business. But, since it needs to make money to stay afloat, a thicker, darker, larger, longer, bolder, line in the sand needs to be drawn between the journalism side and the business side. Editors have no business (excuse the pun) drumming up ad sales. If they’re too busy doing that and their back is turned, the quality of work could worsen. I think you’d lose more money (readers, and respect) by  putting out crappy work, then by running less ads.

The article is here:


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