Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall St. Protest raises a lot of questions that I cannot even begin to try and answer. The whole issue of why they’re there goes right over my head. I’m not going to try to take a stand on it, because honestly, I don’t get it. What I will discuss however, is the coverage it is receiving.

Protesters involved bring cameras with them to catch all the action going on. Their favorite shots to capture, I’m sure is the behavior of police. On Thursday we discussed in class whether the videos that they were shooting were indeed journalism.

This is the video Professor Selvin showed us:

The general consensus of the class was that this could’ve been considered journalism if you stripped away the music.

Here is a piece from ABC News about the police brutality making protestors more determined to stay.

To me, there is more police brutality in this video and the quotes are clearly on one side. But, this is journalism (?) (By the way, this is coming from someone whose dream is to work for ABC one day) My question is, is adding a song the line that journalists can’t cross?


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