Steve Jobs

Perhaps the biggest news item of the past week has been the passing of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. The New York Times ran a eulogy for him on the front page and dozens of different stories about his dominate the ABC news website. Of course the Apple website has its own tribute to him with their homepage looking like this:

           Devoted fans changed their Facebook statuses to dedications to him. Thanking him for all he did to revolutionize their lives. In fact, I found out about his death through facebook. (Because of its new layout, I was told that 53 of my friends had recently posted about Steve Jobs) A current google search about him generate about 1,450,000,000 hits.

Steve Jobs and all his creations weren’t too kind to the newspaper industry. His advancements in items such as the tablet have helped the physical newspaper creep closer to extinction.

With all the different ways to celebrate Steve Jobs life, and learn about his death, Twitter was used a lot. In fact, the one thing I am most disappointed in is the use of “# iSad.” Some may think it’s clever, I just think it’s disrespectful. Yes, he helped create an innovate line of products that had similar names, but he was still a human being. #Respect. #Alittletoosoon


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