Andy Rooney

              Andy Rooney, best known to my generation as the opinionated commentator at the end “60 Minutes” passed away last week after complications from a surgery.

My memories of him are of putting on CBS and catching the tail end of “60 Minutes”  only to hear him complain about one topic or another. In class last week, we discussed how some of his comments sometimes got him trouble, such as slurs against homosexuals, yet CBS never fired him.

The discussion turned towards whether they didn’t fire him because they thought he really didn’t do much wrong or, really because he was a literal goldmine for the station. Personally, I believe that he never got fired because viewers were used to seeing him on the network. This built loyalty, and loyalty turned around and brought in money.

I will go on to say that I believe that if any commentator says something so outlandish against any group they should all have the same punishment. If one is going to be terminated, then shouldn’t they all? Or, I guess there was something to be said for tenure?


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