CNN Cuts 50 Jobs


In the ever ailing journalism industry it is no surprise that a company has made job cuts. Most recently, CNN cut 50 jobs. The bright side? None of the people fired were reporters.

The job cuts went to technicians, librarians and photojournalists. In the turmoil of the industry, it’s easy to feel selfishly happy that reporters missed the axe this one time. The fact that photojournalists were cut, causes me think that reliance on “one man band” journalists may be increasing. The good side of this is that the training we get in this J-school is going to be even more useful. The bad side is that journalists might be so spread then that the quality of journalism might be lagging. Of course, in this case we are speaking about CNN, so I don’t see that happening.

After this round of cuts, a spokesman for the company said that number of jobs should stay flat.


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