Political Ads turn to the Internet

We’ve all seen the melodramatic political campaigns on TV. They’re usually slow motion and accuse one politician of doing or believing in terrible things and at they end we all here the special little message “This ad was sponsored by ……(the opponent).”  Well now instead of just interrupting your TV viewing pleasures, the political ads will be popping up when you go online as well.

During this year’s County Executive race in Suffolk County, an ad for Steve Bellone played before most video’s on Youtube. Currently, Hulu is making a bid to have politicians advertise on their site. Barack Obama was the first candidate to buy time on Hulu in 2008. Ads on Hulu though, are more expensive than on Youtube.

I was a firm believer that the Internet was more dangerous to the Print field than it was to the broadcast field in news. The news about even political ads going online starts to make me worry. In 2010, only about 10 percent of advertising was done online for campaigns. But, the number is set to increase in 2012. I think broadcast news has some valid reasons to be more concerned now. Unless, maybe they start putting more ads before the packages that go online too.



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