The Real Magazine of Reality

       As if you couldn’t catch all the “real people” you wanted on TV, a new magazine will now be totally devoted to “reality news.” American Media Inc. has  created “Reality Weekly,” which will hit newsstands in January. There is a softening market for gossip magazines, but America still has “a hearty appetite” for reality TV.

What I found really interesting was that the magazine will just be $1.79 per issue and have a slogan “Less money/ more fun.” The reason I found this so interesting is that in class on Thursday, Professor Reiner said that there is so much reality TV because it is cheap to make. I think that because the magazine is so cheaply priced, the same must be true for the production of the magazine.

There is clearly no news value in this magazine. In my personal opinion, I think it is only being made for two reasons. One, to fulfill the fascination that our country has with the “private lives” of the rich and famous. And secondly, and probably more importantly for the industry, to (hopefully) make money. The “journalism business” is still a business, right?


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