No Live Tweeting from Sandusky Trial

Reporters covering the Jerry Sandusky trial next week must follow a set of rules that a Pennsylvania judge just set forth. Half of the seats in the courtroom will be reserved for the media, but those seats will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Also, those seats must be composed of 45 percent print reporters, 45 percent broadcast and 10 percent online. Furthermore, there will be no way any reporters can “live tweet” from the courtroom.

Laptops can only be used to take notes, phones must be off at all times, there will be no photography, video or audio recording permitted. If  reporters leaves at any time other than recess, they are not allowed back in.

I understand that these guidelines are set forth due to the high-profile of the case, but what really interests me is that this whole course was based on the fact that online journalism was taking over the industry. In this instance, not only are they stripped of some of their most valuable methods, but most of them won’t even get in. So, is there still hope for the traditional methods?


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